Liana Foods, Inc. is a private corporation owned by Mr. Edwin Rodríguez, incorporated under the laws of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Our firm is a full service food distributor in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean regions. We have successfully reached leading positions on various number of product lines, that we have been representing for many years.  With our distribution, we cover different departments within the chain stores, which include Grocery, Chill, Produce, Bakery and Frozen.  We cover all mayor chain stores and wholesalers throughout the island.  Our sales force consist of a Sales Manager, Sales Supervisor and sixteen (22) Sales Reps and Merchandisers.  We lease a 35,000 sq. feet warehouse office.  Our deliveries are subcontracted and cover the Island on a daily basis.

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Who are we

Welcome to Liana Foods


Since established in 1991, Liana Foods, Inc. has had a long and proud history of fullservice distribution in Puerto Rico and other regions of the Caribbean. With our brands, we have successfully reached leading positions within our market. 

All mayor chain stores throughout the island are visited on a weekly basis and delivery trucks are subcontracted to cover the island on a daily basis.

Our sales force consists of 25 salesmen and merchandisers, including a Sales Manager, a Sales Supervisor and a Merchandiser Supervisor.

Our facilities are equipped to handle non-foods, chill, frozen, dry and bakery goods.


For from Him and through Him and for Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen.”

Romans 11:36